WB&CO makes it easy to enjoy the natural taste and goodness of wild farmed vegetables, herbs and flowers.



Hindu's call honey, "oneness of everything”, and we think that's spot-on! Naturally made and 100% pure, our honey drinks capture the flavours and aromas of the wildflowers near our bee farms, and thanks to our friend the bee – it is the best source of natural energy for us too. We add a kick of herbs to balance out the sweetness and create a really elegant tasting and healthy drink.

WB&CO Wild Honey Drinks
- 290ml Wild Honey & Chinese Herbal Tea
- 290ml Wild Honey & Aloe Vera
- 290ml Wild Honey & Bittergourd




Our freshly made organic vegetable juice is the easy way to get your veg for the day. Pressed from over 400grams of fresh organic vegetables, each of the 3 flavours is designed to give you specific health benefits in addition to tasting delicious! (Well that's what The Guardian said). This range of freshly made organic vegetable juice is limited by seasonal supply. It is therefore not available for export. 

WB&CO Organic Vegetable Juice
- 250ml Organic Carrot & Ginger 
- 250ml Organic Beetroot, Carrot & Celery 
- 250ml Organic Spinach, Carrot & Parsley



When you're surrounded by nature as we are in Thailand, it inspires us to do the simple things naturally. We source and harvest the best seasonally available coconuts in Thailand – extract their water – then bottle it fresh-from-the-seed. We only use 100% pure coconut water, combine this with coconuts healthy dose of electrolytes to and it’s no surprise we add nothing else.

WB&CO Thai Coconut Water
- 290ml Pure Coconut Water