Wild Bunch & Co

"We bring together independent producers to create simple, sustainable and delicious drinks that are naturally good for each other and the planet".        - Mark Walker, Co-Founder



WB&CO drinks are made using wild farmed or organically grown plants. We support wild and organic farming because it promotes local bio-diversity among plants and pollinators such as birds and bees. We believe this will help future generations feed themselves naturally.


We bring together local farmers and bottlers to ensure our drinks are made from seasonally available fresh ingredients. Our commitment to working this way means the plants we harvest are used in there country of origin and quality is assured from the soil to the bottle.


WB&CO plant-based drinks are made from 100% pure ingredients. They are naturally made and contain no additives or colourings. Just the earthy goodness and natural taste customers have come to expect from WB&CO range of wild farmed and organic plants drinks.